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Neill McKee's work in UNICEF, Johns Hopkins University, AED and FHI360 was grounded in theory of communication and models he authored or co-authored

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A 1992 publication. Contact the publisher or

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A 2000 publication. Contact the publisher or

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Visualisation in Participatory Programmes

Much of the success of the multimedia communication programs that Neill McKee has led is due to the use of a stakeholder facilitation methodology he co-authored when he was with UNICEF.

The first VIPP manual was produced in 1993 by UNICEF, through McKee's collaboration with Timmi Tillmann, Maria Angelica Salas.

The VIPP methodology spread quickly in Bangladesh by the training of facilitators and use in planning and training events for almost all of UNICEF's programs with government and NGO partners.

Members of the Training Division in UNICEF, New York, were trained by Tillmann, Salas, and McKee. The methodology spread through many UNICEF offices and to other UN departments and NGOs worldwide.

It continues today.
(See below)

UNICEF Bangladesh and Southbound Publications produced a new VIPP manual (above) with McKee, Tillmann, Salas and Nuzhat Shahzadi in 2007.

They and others have trained hundreds of facilitators in VIPP and it has been used widely in a large number of program areas for planning, training, stakeholder ownership, and social mobilization.

Contact Timmi Tillmann at for more details and training events and the 2007 manual.

Also, a VIPP Games and Exercises Manual was also produced when McKee was with UNICEF ESARO, in Nairobi, Kenya.

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